what is the yorkshire 600


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What is the Yorkshire 600?

Tthe great yorkshire roadtrip

The Yorkshire 600 is a circular tourist route by road, around Yorkshire’s historic border, that is over 600 miles long. 

Whilst the roads used to compile the route, (which is actually 609 miles long) are not able to completely mirror Yorkshire’s border, they are as close as possible to it, without leaving the historic county of Yorkshire. There have been some slight adjustments to this, so that some places of significant interest can be included. However, there is one very small section of road outside the County, about 1 mile long, that is included in this route.

 The alternative was to use several roads, which would duplicate some of the route within the County, so this minor adjustment achieves a smooth continuation of the Yorkshire 600. No doubt most Yorkshire folk will be able to identify which road it is.