Business Membership

Yorkshire has more visitors than anywhere else in the UK other than London. Your business can become a Yorkshire 600 member for £10 per month, paid by standing order. This will never increase as long as your business remains a member. 

This is a great inexpensive opportunity to promote your business here, with the potential to significantly increase your business’ income and contribute towards the real county of Yorkshire, as part of the revenue from the Yorkshire 600 will go towards clearly identifying what is the real Yorkshire. To become a business member please contact Yorkshire 600 at:

About the Yorkshire 600

The Yorkshire 600 was created with the aim of promoting business growth around Yorkshire’s historic border region. We launched our Yorkshire 600 guidebook in December 2021, after 2 years of preparatory work creating the route around the perimeter of the real county of Yorkshire. Our goal is to raise awareness of what is the real county of Yorkshire and take this to a global audience. This should assist in creating sustainable jobs along the route as well as giving those living around some parts of the route reassurance that they still live in Yorkshire.

Business Membership Details

Listing on the Yorkshire 600 Website

  • Business Members will be identified by a unique Business Member symbol on the Yorkshire 600 Interactive Map with the official Yorkshire 600 member accreditation
  • Listing on Interactive Map and in the sections of What to See and Do in each area
  • Create your business listing with up to 300 words and 6 photos to promote your business.

Use ‘Yorkshire 600’ Logo in promoting your business

  • Yorkshire 600 and Y600 Logos and use of trademarks to promote your own business
  • Copy of the brand guidelines and terms of use which includes the correct pantone colours, fonts and formatting
  • A window sticker will be provided as part of this package

Social Media

  • Yorkshire 600 business members will receive social media promotions throughout the year and can share these.
  • Forward us your social media posts by emailing details at:

Priority List for PR & Marketing Activities

    • Yorkshire 600 will be arranging regular press releases through television and radio news programmes and other media throughout the year to promote the Yorkshire 600, our website and our business members.
    • All businesses registered with Yorkshire 600, will be recommended to press and customer enquiries.

Monthly Newsletters

  • Yorkshire 600 will summaries press coverage, social media and website usage over the previous month, including what people were interested in, who was reached and visitor numbers.

Business Member Events

  • Going forward as the Yorkshire 600 is publicised more, the intention is to develop business membership events to identify and disseminate what the Yorkshire 600 is, and what it can do for you.
  • These events around the Yorkshire 600 route, can include area Tourism Group meetings, which enable businesses to interact with one another and find out what business activity is happening in different sections of the Yorkshire 600.
  • Seminars / workshops in the shoulder months on topical issues around the Yorkshire 600.

Become a Business Member for only £10 / month